Biohm is a research and development led company that aims to revolutionise the construction industry by allowing nature to lead innovation. They have developed a range of 100% natural materials including Mycelium (mushroom-based) Building Insulation, which consumes waste as it grows and Orb (Organic Refuse Biocompound), which combines agricultural and food waste with an organic binder to create a sheet material for use in building and interior architecture.

The company is currently working on developing a Plant-Based Concrete, future living materials and aims to expand their range of Mycelium construction products. All of Biohm’s materials will eventually be combined to form an interlocking construction system known as Triagomy.

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Ehab Sayed Biohm

Ehab Sayed | Founder and Director of Innovation at Biohm

Ehab has over 6 years of experience leading sustainable design and research projects for some of Europe’s largest corporations. He is a sustainable design engineer, circular economy strategist and built environment innovator with a passion for creating a biomimetic (nature- inspired) future that meets our environmental, economic and human needs.  Ehab’s passion for celebrating nature in the built environment has driven him to undertake a PhD at Northumbria University in Architecture & Built Environment to develop ‘an intelligent and strategic model that encourages innovation & circular business models to support the construction industry’s resilience & sustainability’. Later in 2019, a highly anticipated book on OSM, edited by Professor Jack Goulding, will be published with a chapter written by Ehab on ‘Off-Site Manufacturing Innovation in a Biomimetic Future’. He has an MSc in Integrated Product Design from Brunel University, which followed a BSc in Design Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University. He studied Civil Engineering as a foundation year at the University of Manchester and previously worked in the field.

Harry Darkly Biohm

Harry Darkly | Director of Projects at Biohm

Harry has over 6 years of experience in the public sector managing multi-billion pound projects for the UK government’s Ministry of Justice. He holds an LLM in International Law and an MSc in International Security & Global Governance from Birkbeck University of London. His expertise in international law and sustainable development is crucial when it comes to expanding beyond the boundaries of the UK and Europe. Especially when we commence our ‘Outreach’ stage in phase 3 of Biohm’s development. Harry’s pragmatic and well-considered approach to project management and implementation ensures that the team remains focused on achieving targets and milestones that are aligned with our aims and philosophy.


John White Biohm

John White | Director of Strategy at Biohm

John has over 10 years of experience in resilience and consultancy, previously Director at KPMG and EY. Currently Regional Head of Implementation at 100 Resilient Cities, he leads programme implementation across 21 cities in Europe and the Middle East – working directly with city and private sector executive teams to unpack finance and solve challenges associated with social inequality, globalisation, urbanisation and climate change. John is in charge of developing and driving the implementation of Biohm’s global corporate strategy.

Francesco Verderosa Biohm

Francesco Verderosa | Product Development Manager at Biohm

Francesco is a highly talented Industrial Design graduate with a keen interest in architecture, sustainable product development and bio-based materials and he has worked with architecture firms and design studios around the globe.

Imogen McAndrew Biohm

Imogen McAndrew | Design Lead

Imogen is an Architecture student who is passionate about the development of natural and bio-based materials for applications that span across all design disciplines, from fashion to architecture. She is spending her year in industry working with Biohm.

Ashley Granter Biohm

Ashley Granter | Lead Mycologist at Biohm

Ashley is an industrial designer who specialises in mycology. Although a recent graduate, he has already established himself as one of the country’s top experts on the subject.

Oksana Bondar Biohm

Oksana Bondar| Business Innovation Manager at Biohm

Oksana has over 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship, design and commerce. She is also a passionate sustainable material researcher and developer as well as circular economy strategist.  

Alexsi Vesaluoma Biohm

Aleksi Vesaluoma | Material Development Manager at Biohm

Aleksi is an Industrial Designer with a keen interest in bio-based material development and has co-founded an art collective, known as Mandin, implementing highly regarded and award winning sustainable artwork.

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