Chip[s] Board is a biomaterial innovation company that aims to find value where others see waste, utilising by-products from food manufacturing. Currently focusing on potato waste, the team have managed to produce a number of proof-of-concept materials which include a particulate composite board and a bioplastic.

Whilst the uses for their materials are countless, Chip[s] Board are actively seeking industrial partnerships to ensure their use within fast moving industries such as visual merchandising, exhibit design, interior design and fashion. These materials whilst still in R&D have begun to be used by selected collaborators including sustainable fashion designers and eye wear manufacturers.

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Rowan Minkley Chips Board

Rowan Minkley | CEO & co-founder

Rowan is an environmental and strategy led designer, focusing on how to bring innovation to existing projects and develop new strategies for circular-economy businesses. Past experiences include running multiple kitchens as a head chef, Rowan knows how to manage teams, projects and high intensity workloads; taking management, preparation and vision strategies from catering and applying them to other business management. Winner of the Mike Bond Strategy & Entrepreneurship Award 2017 and Creative Conscience Gold Award in 2018. As Chief Executive Officer, Rowan’s primary focus is team management and development to ensure we have the best selection of skill sets on board, developing the business strategy and routes to market with a circular-economy approach and securing fundraising through investment rounds and grant applications.

Robert Nicoll Chips Board

Robert Nicoll |CPO & co-founder

Rob is a material led designer, graduating with a degree in design and accompanying awards in product innovation and material development. Past experiences include working as both a plumber and artwork fabricator giving Rob necessary trade and craft skills, as well as an extensive knowledge of materials used within these industries and job management. Recipient of the Creative Conscience Gold award in Product Design 2018. As the Chief Product Officer, Rob’s primary focus is on guiding the R&D team to develop products suitable for the intended target markets, finding suitable clients and developing prototypes with them to show the full potential of Chip[s] Board’s materials.

Gregory Cooper Chips Board

Gregory Cooper | CTO & co-founder

Greg is a multidisciplinary research scientist with a background in biochemistry, neuroscience and microbiology. Drawing from a broad set of academic interests and practical experience optimising experimental drug-target identification protocols, Greg focuses on synthesising efficient and forward-thinking research strategies, without compromising on clear and relatable scientific communication. As Chief Technology Officer, Greg’s primary focus is the development of a strong R&D program to continue development of current materials as well as new innovations. Greg is also responsible for ensuring the R&D team are achieving goals and establishing quality control protocols to BS EN standards.

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