Circular Fashion Fast Forward is a partnership between LWARB and QSA Partners to make fashion more sustainable. We have teamed up to work with leading retailers including Ted Baker, Farfetch and FW to help transform the fashion industry.  

These pioneering brands have recognised the advantages circular economy can bring and are motivated to prove its benefits. Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable options from the brands they love, and circular approaches offer companies a real opportunity to create more value and profit whilst reducing their environmental impact.

Circular fashion business models include clothes hire, product resale, repair and rental services.

How will they do this?

With tailored support from LWARB and QSA each retailer will explore its own method to becoming a circular business through a multi-stage approach.

Shared learning

Case studies will be shared here throughout the project to inspire other fashion retailers and brands to adopt circular business models. The project aims to work with other retailers and brands to create a further 10 circular economy businesses by March 2021.

Bridging the Gap

Circular Fashion Fast Forward is funded by C&A Foundation as part of the Bridging the Gap initiative.

Bringing together four unique initiatives, Bridging the Gap strives to advance implementation of circular business models that create fashion from safe, non-virgin and renewable materials that are endlessly used and re-used.

The group consists of Circle Economy, LWARB in partnership with QSA Partners, Forum for the Future in collaboration with Fashion for Good, and World Resources Institute in partnership with WRAP.

Each of these initiatives target different actors across all levels of the apparel value chain to share knowledge, craft guidelines and initiate organisational pilots.

To deepen the impact of their work, Bridging the Gap was established by C&A Foundation as a formal learning group, in which the organisations work through common challenges together and share best practice.

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