GlobalHom brings a new product design for manufacturing approach to home building. Thanks to the product design background of its founders, the approach focuses on user experience and allows for flexibility, sustainability, and ease of upgrade in its connected smart home approach to future living.

The modular design allows for fast and efficient on-site assembly, while the plug-and-play modular interior design solution allows for the home to be reconfigured with minimal disruption, at lower cost, with zero wasted material to reflect the evolving needs of the occupier. Every component is tagged and tracked from manufacture and using an open source approach supports an online marketplace where components can be traded as part of a circular economy.

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Lee McCormack GlobalHom

Lee McCormack | Interim CEO & CVO

Lee is an award-winning product designer specializing in immersive environment products. He is a seasoned entrepreneur having successfully raised $Ms to develop projects in the US and UK and negotiated partnerships with F1 team McLaren and leading US tech companies. Lee is overall responsible for driving the vision of the company.

Dan Eades GlobalHom

Dan Eades | CTO

Dan has run a successful multi award winning technology company for 15 years. His company is consulted with and commissioned to develop bespoke software and hardware solutions to enhance the living environment with smart home technology. Dan is responsible for driving the technology agenda as well as strategic partnerships.

Clinton Beukes GlobalHom

Clinton Beukes | Head of Programme Delivery

Clinton is a vastly experienced project manager having run large teams of people in multiple disciplines. Clinton’s expertise lies in managing teams over multiple disciplines including manufacturing, design, technology, assembly, testing and certification. Clinton has overall responsibility for managing the delivery of the first prototype, beta test phase and factory set up.

Mark Holloway GlobalHom

Mark Holloway | Chief Mechanical Engineering

Mark is a successful mechanical engineer with a huge wealth of manufacturing experience having seen many of the products he has engineered reach the market in many different sectors including consumer, automotive, aerospace, telecoms and medical. Mark has engineered the product to its current level and will have overall responsibility for heading up product engineering.

Rob Andrews GlobalHom

Rob Andrews | Head of UX/UI Design

Rob is a 4 times BAFTA winning interactive design animator. His talents have seen him head hunted by Apple to design the User Interface for one of their latest suite of applications. Rob will be responsible for the Ux and Ui for the control environments for the smart home functions and community engagement/smart city connectivity.

Claudia Nowojewska GlobalHom

Claudia Nowojewska | Head of Materials Design

Claudia worked her way up within the retail industry to become the European head of visual merchandise for Timberland before returning to University to progress her career in design innovation. Claudia combines her skills to bring a strong management focus to the design team.

Sally Gantlett GlobalHom

Sally Gantlett | Head of Materials Design

Sally is an efficient and proactive designer who is passionate about the value of good architecture. Working with existing and historic buildings has created her enthusiasm for designing with suitable longevity and adaptability. Sally has experience across all RIBA stages on a range of project sizes, on new builds, refurbishments, extensions and conservation projects.

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