Plastic – The Devil’s Material? – A debate

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The Circular Economy Club London working in partnership with Circular London will have a debate on one of the most polarising subjects after Brexit; plastic.

We will have a panel discussion exploring the material, its uses and benefits as well as the harm it causes to the environment, followed by questions and interaction from the audience.

This will be followed by some exciting group breakout sessions that will give everyone the chance to discuss and debate the pros and cons of everyday plastics. 

Panel debate chaired by Dr David Greenfield (CEC London)

Confirmed panelists:

Santiago Navarro – CEO & Co-Founder, Garçon Wines
Chrissy Batty – Plastic Free Pledge
Tony Heslop – Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF
Circular London (London Waste and Recycling Board)

Other panelists to be confirmed soon!

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